Thursday, November 06, 2008

Love is Blueberries and Friends

Love is when good friends take my kids blueberry picking so that I can deal with some legal stuff.

Love is when they sent me this beautiful picture of Sylvia afterwards, which made me smile.

Love is being supported by friends all through my life's happenings, and supporting friends through their lives happenings. Love is being there when a friend needs me, and not feeling guilty when friends are there for me.

I am grateful for many, many good friends, both in 'real life' and on line. Happy Love Thursday!


Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Blueberries....I miss have those around the house.....HLT :o)

Ane said...

The same Karen... beautiful words and shot. Great having friends all around us.

ELK said...

what a beautiful post ~ and so true'

Kyla said...

There are few things better than fresh blueberries . . . and good friends are one of them! What a wonderful post. Thanks so much for sharing.