Friday, November 28, 2008

Little Things

Last night, our thermostat broke and I couldn't get the furnace to shut off unless I used the emergency switch. It got quite hot in the house before I noticed it.

Today, I called the oil company and tried to get someone to come over and fix it. She happily told me 'No problem, madam, we can get you in at December 10th!'. Um... let's talk about that a bit more, shall we?

I managed them to squeeze me in today instead, and it was only a few hours later when the repair man appeared at my front door. He took a quick look and agreed that replacing the thermostat was the best way to go.

Now I am the proud owner of a shiny new thermostat which actually can be programmed! Yay for entering the 21st century!

I ordered new tubes for some light fixtures which have been annoying me for ages. OK, maybe it wasn't the light fixtures annoying me, but the tubes were, by turning themselves on after about three minutes. I would turn them on again, mumbling encouraging words, and poof! there they went again. On, off, on, off... Until I got tired of turning on the darned lights.

One of those small annoyances in life. One which doesn't take much to fix. Apart from actually DOING it. Today, it happened!

Ironic detail of the day: after I took out one fluorescent tube to order new ones, I put it back in, and it has been working EVER SINCE! Still not canceling my order though.

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