Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ack! I am Hosting Thanksgiving Tomorrow!

What was I thinking????

This might sound unlikely, but I have never ever hosted Thanksgiving before. This year, things are different! Not only am I going to host Thanksgiving for the first time, but in addition, it will be my Very First Thanksgiving as an American.

To celebrate, I invited a bunch of friends and will make bibimbap in addition to many other dishes. Everyone makes korean dishes for American Thanksgiving, right? My friend will make the turkey. Nothing says 'I love you!' like inviting someone and tell them 'If you want dead animals you'd better cook them yourself, because I'm not gonna to!' I think I managed to be a tiny bit politer in my choice of words, really I tried. She will bring Dutch hutspot too, this will be an interesting Thanksgiving!

Since this is my very first time, decided to keep it small, only sixteen people. Will start out simple before doing bigger things.

I am supposed to be making list of all the things I want to do to get ready, so I'd better get started on that. Making lists for the win!

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Keppy said...

LOL Karen you are my hero ... omg to be making lists of what you want to cook at 3pm the DAY BEFORE THANKSGIVING!!?!?!!? You have more ambition than me - or maybe you are just insane heheheheheh!!!!

I'm going to my mom's... All I'm bringing this year is me and my FAMILY- YAY!! lol No cooking for me this year. And I'm hoping she has lots of meat free alternatives, because I have 2 kids who aren't currently eating meat. (Which is fine by me, of course lol)