Saturday, November 08, 2008


How can it be fifteen years ago that this baby was born?

I would almost starting singing 'Sunrise, sunset', if I could remember all the words. Maybe I'll just go for 'Time flies like bananas'.

He is growing up into a wonderful young man, it is fun to look back on when he was only a little boy.

He has gorgeous hair, which he doesn't really appreciate now that he is a teenager ^^

He sure has grown tons over the years, which can be proven by the way he inhales food at the moment. Feeding teenagers is not an easy task.

He had a great birthday with his siblings, and later a celebration in the Netherlands too.

And yes, I am a bit late posting this, but hey, I did it!

Happy belated birthday Tim! You rock!


Anonymous said...

Happy Late Birthday!!!!

Annelies said...

Late felicitaties dan nog!!

Meritt said...

You said he had a celebration at home first and in the Netherlands later???? I'm so confused. LOL. Did he fly over there that morning after his birthday party?

NannyOgg said...

Thank you , all.

Meritt, no ^^ We celebrated at home a few days before he went to the Netherlands. Then his day of his actual birthday, he was in the Netherlands and had a mini celebration there. We just thought it was cool that he got to be there on the day he actually did turn 15.

And yes, that was a few months ago, I am a tad behind posting wise ^^


Keppy said...

Wow I can't believe he is 15!!! Yikes - time indeed flies!

And thanks so much for your comment, that really did mean so much to me. :-) I consider you a true friend as well!

Lisa said...

Happy Belated Birthday! And does Erik look like him or what!

veganbaby said...

Happy belated Birthday! He has the same bday as my sister.