Saturday, May 03, 2008

More Zoo Pictures

Because I haven't been very organized and have been driving around all week. Might as well catch up with pictures in lieu of real content.

This feels like it should have a funny caption. Jeremy?

Kids caught in a spider web. Dangerous place the zoo is.

The snow leopard was hiding most of the day. Every time we looked for it, it just was Not There. Until late in the day, when the boys came over to tell me 'The snow leopard is out!' and we all rushed there and actually saw it and I got this one lousy picture, which is all you are going to get.

Took a while for the otters to come out too, but easier to photograph them. I like the way they were curious and playful.

I love the way this picture came out.

I would post more, but I am sure I can come up with an excuse why I don't right now. Let's just call it life ^^ Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I know I am. I had jiu jitsu workshop today, so I hurt everywhere. How much better can life get? ^^

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