Thursday, May 15, 2008

Love Thursday at the Beach

Love is spending time at the beach with good friends.

And yes, that is ice in the background, why are you asking?

Although the pictures are 'old'.

But actually less than a month old. The pictures were taken late April. You know, when those Texans all are out practicing their surfing (hi Jody ^^)

Welcome to life in New England ^^

Happy Love Thursday!


Jen said...

Those shots are incredible. I love that the kids are in bathing suits and you can see the ice in the background. Very cool.

Meritt said...

The photo with her in the swimsuit and the snow in the background as well. It made me smile and also thought; What an awesome Mom to let her try it even though you KNOW she was going to freeze. :)

Jody said...

Look at that! I love it! You go! getting out there and having a blast at the beach, snow and ice be damned!!

Rebecca said...