Friday, May 16, 2008

Quote of the Day

Today was one of those 'running around all day' days, and I found myself tired enough to decide to skip aikido and stay home to make brownies and build a fire. I took a nice, hot shower, and got into my pajamas, ready for a relaxed night.

Of course, me being me, I went outside to feed the bunnies, and realized that I finally got new gas for the lawn mower, so why not mow at least the front lawn. I looked down at my pajamas, and while they were fine for my back yard, somehow I did not quite want to wear them in my front yard while I was pushing a loud lawn mower around. I ran upstairs to change, while Sylvia followed me. She observed me picking out clothes, and I figured I would explain to her why I changed. 'I decided to do some lawn mowing, and did not really want to do that in my pajamas.' She pondered for a moment 'Oh, you are wearing shorts, so that you won't run over your pants!'. Um... right ^^

I told Jane to help me remember the quote for later blogging, mowed the lawn, made dinner, did five thousand other things, and totally forgot about it. When I finally sat down at the computer, Jane came in and said 'Mom! Don't forget the quote of the day you wanted me to remember. And please add that I tripped over my own pants after she said that.' Um... ok. Dangerous things those pants are ^^


Anonymous said...

Well, pants are treacherous things, you know. Glad everyone survived (wink).

Daisy said...

Oh, those pants. If they're comfortable, they'll be a risk to your safety. :)

Rebecca said...

Darn pants