Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Cat Girl

Tara's newest project.

She made herself an doll, a Cat Girl, named Mina. She found the directions on line, got fabric, and put it together.

Here you can see some of the ear, it is not easy to see with the hair, but there is a left ear peeking out there somewhere.

Another cool detail are her paws. The creativity of my kids never ceases to amaze me.


Annalise said...

So cool! That's amazing!

Rebecca said...


Adam@home said...

Wow, wat knap!

(Ik kijk regelmatig op je blog :o), je staat bij m'n favorieten..."Ken" je nog van toen je nog op de ap-lijst zat, heb erg met je meegeleefd toen Sylvia geboren werd en vond jullie sowieso erg interessant omdat jullie al zo lang thuisonderwijzen....Vond het tijd worden om een keer van me te laten horen ;o)))

Groetjes, Mirjam :o)

Shel said...

That is very creative, she did a great job!

Meritt said...

Tara needs to sell those... seriously. Like, on Etsy or something.