Sunday, May 18, 2008

Baking Day

Today, I made our weekly 'Sunday = Pancakes for Breakfast Day'. While I was making those, I realized we had only half a loaf of bread left, which wouldn't last more than... hmmm ten minutes?

Time to start new bread! Didn't take too long before four loaves had been made and were waiting to get into the oven.

Hmmm, pancakes and bread, what else could I make? Next weekend, I will attend a go workshop, and I promised a friend I would bring brownies. Today seemed as good a day as any to bake some of them. I made a double batch, so half can be eaten by my family today, and half will be frozen for the workshop.

Another friend had been bugging me to bring cinnamon raisin bread to the workshop, so I decided to bake a batch of that today too, even if it seems unlikely any will survive till next week ^^

In between all this, I ran the dishwasher three times, did normal day - to - day stuff, went swimming with the five youngest, 'biked' 3.8 miles when I took Tim for his strength training, and explained to the kittens why I did NOT want dead snakes in the house, thank you.

Did I mention that yesterday, I made deviled eggs?

Life is better with homemade food ^^


Meritt said...

... and all homemade food is better sprinkled with beautiful flowers. :)

Rebecca said...

You rock. I can barely get dressed some days.