Sunday, April 27, 2008

Blast from the Past

Too good not to share:

Yes, this is me as a little girl. Don't you love my hair style? ^^ Will have to get my scanner working to get better quality pictures, but no idea when I will get around to doing that.


Wendy said...

LOL- You should do this:

You put up an old picture of yourself, then replicate that picture as you are now. It is hilarious!


veganbaby said...

Love the hair! I would love to see Karen in pigtails!

Rebecca said...

Oh my goodness, your kids look just like you at this age! How wild.

txmommy said...

wow look at your pretty hair. Your kids look so much like you.

harri saptadi said...

j/k. ^_^

Lisa said...

LOLOL I've probably got a few pics of me somewhere like that.