Monday, April 14, 2008

Happiness Is Pancakes and Maple Syprup

This morning's breakfast:

Enjoyed by everyone

How could life get any better than this?

Happiness can be found in little things.

And I just baked a sourdough chocolate cake, making use of my trusty Robert.

I will decorate it tomorrow and we will eat it to celebrate Tuesday. (Can you tell I will accept any excuse to eat cake?)

But first, aikido, time to throw people ^^


flyingfisher said...

Were the pancakes sourdough, too? I've never heard of sour chocolate cake! It is really good? Let's see, tomorrow night I'll be teaching a class and then driving right by your street. Will there be any leftovers?! ^^

Shel said...

Mmm, I love pancakes. We eat them at least once a week here. I'm glad you found a good use for Robert, and Tuesday is as good a reason as any for eating chocolate cake;-)

Rebecca said...

I love the plate your daughter in the second picture is eating off of.