Monday, April 07, 2008

Skunk Fun

It was midnight, we had gotten to bed late, and I was in bed, half asleep after nursing Sylvia. She was snuggled up towards me, and life was good. Suddenly, I hear many kids running up the stairs, followed by all six of them, tumbling over each other, bursting into my room.

I half wake up, telling them to be very quiet, since Sylvia is asleep. They didn't give me much time to lecture them, since they all started talking at the same time 'A skunk!!!' 'Mama! There is a skunk!' 'In the living room!!!!' 'Really! A skunk!' 'It's inside!' 'I am NOT going down while a skunk is in there!' 'It is just sitting there, looking around!'

Me, being the fast thinking person I am, managed to get out a 'What?????', a few long and confused minutes later followed by 'Who let the skunk in?' and 'Who left the door open???' in the hope that the person who did so would be old enough to help deal with the skunk. The most important thing clearly was to assign blame, instead of solving the problem, right?

Of course, looking back, I should have asked them which of the skunks was inside, just to bide some time.

I hated the idea, but it looked like I actually would have to get out of my warm, cozy bed, and deal with the skunk. Although I was hoping it all was a bad dream, and it would be gone in the morning.

Finally the kids couldn't hold it in any longer. 'Do you know what day it is, mama?' 'Do you know????' Frankly, I really couldn't care less about which day it was, I just wanted the skunk to be gone and to go back to bed. Preferably without me having to risk getting close to it.

'It is April's Fools Day!' 'Happy April Fool's Day!' 'Haha!' 'We got you!' 'You fell for it!!!' 'We had made up excuses to tell you when you asked why we were downstairs too, but you never asked' 'I can't believe you didn't remember the date!'

Me '...'

The next day, I woke up to this on two of our bathroom doors. Yes, they newspapered them.

The joys of living with creative kids.


Jody said...

LOLOL! Oh yes, they got you!

They got me too, as I was fully expecting to scroll down to see pics of a skunk in your living room!

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