Monday, April 21, 2008

Gardening Bliss

Not much, but I managed to turn over one of my garden beds, getting it ready for planting. Woohoo! Now I need some rain and will plant peas and whatever else I feel like. Any ideas? Looking for spring plantings that can withstand frost.

Last year, there was a bit too much life happening, and gardening didn't. This year, it will!

P.S. Merritt, wrong guess on the hair colour, it is more... interesting than auburn ^^


Anonymous said...

I'd guess the hair is bright green - to match the planting!


Meritt said...

Well, the last time I went 'dark auburn' my kids will tell you; "Mom dyed her hair purple."

And yes... I guess dark purple would be a good name for it.

Personally I hope she did blue. I love blue hair!!!!