Monday, March 17, 2008

Spring Walk

Bear with me while I catch up from weeks and weeks of not posting. This actually happened ten days ago, although the neighborhood pretty much looks the same right now, with the snow layer a bit more condensed.

One day, after a long and cold winter, the sun actually was shining in such a way that you could feel it when you went outside. For a while, we were looking at it, confused about what this could be, and then the word entered our brains. Sun! Why, yes! It's the sun! Welcome back , Sun! We have waited too long for you!

We put on our boots, found our jackets, and went out for a spring walk.

What do you mean, most people don't throw snow balls during their spring walks??? This IS New England, you know.

Erik got snow in his boot, so did what anyone would do. He took it off.

Trying to hit the tree with snow balls.

But the best part was wading in the puddles. With snow boots!

Which inevitably means that the inside of the snow boots gets really wet and uncomfortable. They are snow boots after all, not rain boots. Kate was not amused. Me? I was just happy that spring is here. And I got a good reminder about how darned long it takes to dry very wet snow boots.

Life is good!


Annelies said...

Ik ben ALTIJD jaloers als ik jouw sneeuwfoto's zie.. maar niet meer in maart ;-)

Rebecca said...

We still can't do any walks, too much snow and cold temps.

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