Thursday, March 27, 2008

Love Thursday

Love is building family traditions, because traditions give a sense of continuity and belonging. One of our family traditions is around Easter. We always dye eggs, and have an egg hunt. Sometimes we do it outdoors, sometimes we do it indoors (read: too much snow!)

This year, I had been feeling particularly unprepared, but we managed to get our Easter prep shopping done about eight hours before Easter started. Not bad , eh? Procrastination is a fine art.

I would like to tell that we used all natural dyes, boiling our own, organically grown beets into stunning colours. But the reality is that we got whatever cheap egg dye packages we could find at Kmart, since sometimes practicality ranks higher than idealism.

Egg dying was fun, even without beet dye. Hmmm, maybe especially without beet dye, since I am not sure whether my kids would have appreciated it as much as I would.

Happy Love Thursday from our family to yours!


Ursula said...

I love this post and all the pictures of your gorgeous kids! I hope that we move back to New England so that I can give my son all of our family traditions, with the benefits of having friends and family around.

Here for Love Thursday-this is totally a post full of LT Love!

bleeding espresso said...

So fun! I miss dying eggs, and this brought back some great memories for me, thanks :)

Happy Love Thursday!

Melissa B said...

Happy Love Thursday to you! Love the traditions that Easter brings. Dyeing easter eggs is such a blast. Great picture of the kids together. I only have 3 and have a hard time getting them together.

Meritt said...

We have done natural dyes twice - using onion skins, coffee, beets, purple cabbage... I think the kids had more fun using food color and vinegar. LOL. They loved the "ooo" and "ahhh" moments of the foods making dyes but they love the bright colors of the commerical dyes.

M.KATE said...

wow, what a blog! love it and will be back, happy weekend :)

Jody said...

That looks like fun. Some fancy decorating too!

The kids looks so happy. Happy Love Thursday!