Sunday, March 09, 2008


Last night

Cees 'I have to work at 7am tomorrow morning.'
Me 'Lucky you! You will lose an hour tonight because Daylight Savings Time starts.'
Cees groans and disappears.

An hour later

Cees 'I am off to bed. I set my watch to the new time already, so I don't have to do that in the morning.'
Me 'You know that that is illegal? You are supposed to do it at 2am.'
Kate 'Really??????'
Me, smiling, 'Nah, it doesn't matter, it just officially happens at 2am, when you lose a whole hour.

This morning, 6:25am new time, feels like 5:25am to our bodies

Me, looking at my son who, this early in the morning, looks like something the cat has dragged in 'Cees, it's time to get up.'
Cees 'Huh?'
Me 'Time to get up, you have to get to work today.'
Cees, nothing if not conversational in the mornings 'Huh?'
Me, starting to get exasperated 'Cees!!!'
Cees, finally half waking up 'Huh?', glanced at his watch. Falls back, very relieved 'Ha! You are joking! It is only 4:30am!'
Me, doing some quick high level math, trying to find a gentle way to break the bad news 'Um... Cees. You are supposed to put your clock an hour ahead, not an hour behind.'
Cees, after his brain processes this information for a few minutes 'Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit!'

I am happy to say that he did make it into work in time.

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Anonymous said...

You really shouldn't allow your children to talk that way. Bad parenting.