Thursday, March 20, 2008

Don't Give Up!

Sylvia, sitting at the table 'Mama, I am hungry!'
Me 'Many people have found that eating helps them to get less hungry. What would you like to eat?'
Sylvia 'I can't say, you have to tell me!'
Me 'Hmmm, let me think about this. Maybe a banana?'
Sylvia 'No!'
Me 'What about a piece of bread?'
Sylvia 'No!'
Me 'Maybe Cheese! Elephants! Cashews!
Sylvia 'No! No! No!'
Me 'I know! You want a rice ball!'
Sylvia 'NO!!!'
Me, ready to finish the discussion 'Please give me some kind of hint?'
Sylvia 'It is delicious!'
Me, wondering what would be delicious on Sylvia's menu today 'I figured it out! It's an apple!'
Sylvia 'Nope!'
Me 'OK, I give up!'
Sylvia 'Sorry, you can't give up, I put this on 'Don't give up!' mode!
Me '...'

Eventually, I figured out that she wanted a piece of chocolate. The 'Don't give up' mode really cracked me up ^^ Not a bad motto to live by.


Meritt said...

'Don't give up mode...'

I really like that.

I am thinking I might start using that one myself!!! Thanks Sylvia!

Rebecca said...

Chocolate - always a good choice.