Sunday, March 30, 2008

Introducing: Snow!

Yes, another one.

And no, we didn't buy them, they just show up to volunteer their services around the house. The kids love watching them. Yes, through the windows, don't worry. They all have distinctive patterns of white and black, so naming them was very natural. And which kid wouldn't love saying 'We have pet skunks!'?

There was much excitement when this one showed up and they were 'Hmmm, I think this is not Riceball!' Tara ran to the computer to check pictures and came back 'It is not Riceball, this one has more white!!! It's a NEW one!' Such joy!

They are very adorable, mostly because of the safety added by the glass between us ^^


Shel said...

LOL! I guess they are kind of cute, since you're safe behind the glass. You got some good pictures of them.

Rebecca said...

Hopefully they move away before they start to stink.