Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Gift Of Time

Today, was one of those running-around days, many appointments, many commitments. I knew the first appointment out of the house was at 9:45am, and I had to do many things around the house before I left. Like shoveling the driveway after the last snow / ice storm. Happy spring equinox to you too!

I shoveled, and I did my things, and kept an eye on the clock. I double checked my calendar, and lo and behold, my first appointment wasn't till 10:45am! A whole free hour! The bliss! The joy! The happiness ^^

I had a WHOLE extra hour in my day! Instead of mindless web surfing, I actually got some go studying done. It was so nice to get this unexpected gift of time. It was perfect! Well, maybe it was perfect till Tiger decided to jump into the cup of tea which was positioned next to my goban ^^


Hermes said...

That cat's face is purrfect. He obviously enjoyed your extra hour too.

Rebecca said...

Lucky you! Hey - I lost an hour last week, did you steal it from me?