Tuesday, January 19, 1999

Back in Cloth Diapers

We are back in cloth diapers!!!! I have used cloth at home since Tara was born, but last year, when we moved to Europe, I wasn't able to take them with me, so they were in disposables for quite a while. Then in December, when I got my stuff back out of storage, I also got back the cloth diapers and since then, I have been using cloth again!! (just at home, for longer trips out of the house and for at night I use disposables) I got almost all the diapers and wraps 2nd hand from consignment stores etc, so it saves quite a lot of money.

>It's weird but I am SO GLAD to be back to using cloth (even if it's only
>temporary). It will be hard though, to go back to using disposables in a few
>weeks! All I will see is $.13 going down the tube everytime I change him!!

I know the feeling. We also use wash clothes again instead of wipes and they are so much more effective and that's another thing that saves some money. Of course, now we miss out on the Chubs boxes :-) But we have so many of them anyway, that I can live with that.

Tara is wanting to wear underwear some days, but now always successful in it yet. But since I have to wash the diapers anyway, I just dump the underwear and clothes after accidents in there, so it isn't any extra work.

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Mosaica said...

This post is from years ago, right?

I can't imagine Tara wearing diapers these days ;-)