Tuesday, January 19, 1999

The Joys of Slings

(reaction to someone complaining about her baby boy ALWAYS wriggling out of his stroller straps)

Had to laugh about this one. All my kids have been like that. The only time when they would stay in a stroller was if they felt like it, which isn't too often... They can escape from any set of straps in strollers and in supermarket carts and in high chairs.... I have always been amazed about how people would sit down to eat something in a food court and they would park the stroller next to them and the baby would just stay in there, sitting!!! Just watching them and munching something. My kids always wanted OUT and either walk around or sit at the table and eat there (for at least a few minutes until they want to walk around :-)

That's why I usually don't even take a stroller, but just use a sling. And for the boys we used a backpack, it was rather hard to climb out of that one, although Timmy managed to do even that. The big drawback with a backpack with Cees was that he always threw up.... Not because of the backpack, just because that happened fairly often. It is not fun to have a baby in a backpack throwing up on you and himself in the middle of a store!!!

I remember one day when Tim was a baby and I was out with a friend and Timmy kept standing up in the stroller, that she told me 'you should just put him down every time he does that, then he will stop doing it within a few days.' Ha, that might have worked for her baby, but I had been doing that for MONTHS with Tim and it still didn't work and has never worked after that either... Oh well :-)

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