Friday, January 08, 1999


Jane's newest addiction is Duplo! She can spent hours just building high towers and taking them apart again. She is soooo focused doing it, it is very cute to watch. She also loves the Duplo animals (of which we have sooo many, since I love to buy them)

Hubby is happy about it, since he is a grownup lego addict, so he likes it when he sees something like this in his kids :-)

My house might still be unorganized, but the Duplo IS organized already!

Someone replied:
>Kenzie loves this too, but has hard time doing it if Maddie
>(who is *3* today!!) is around and Maddie will constantly take
>what she is building, and generally make Kenzie frustrated!!
>How is Tara when Jane is into her Duplos??

Usually they are fine together, but sometimes they both want the same baby or so and things end in a screaming and hitting match.... We have tons of Duplos, so that helps a lot, most things will have a duplicate somewhere. And now that the Duplo is organized, I often am able to find it really soon! :-)

Even Timmy at 5yo still likes to play with the Duplo. He builds zoos or whole dinosaur worlds. And of course the Duplo train is a favorite of all kids. They let it ride through the whole house! We need some more rails.

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