Wednesday, January 20, 1999

A Fox!!!!

This morning Sander woke me up and told me there was a fox in our back yard!!! So neat!! We watched him (or her :-) for a few minutes before he disappeared again. He was pretty close to the house, I am not sure what he was doing there. I throw out some food every day for the squirrels and the birds, but it was too early for them and I don't think a fox would eat that food.

We have lots of squirrels and small squirrel like creatures (they look like chipmunks, but don't have the stripes. They are kind of reddish and just look like miniature squirrels and are very, very fast. Any ideas? Is is just a different kind of squirrel?) We also have tons of blue jays every morning and some other birds that I haven't identified yet (haven't found the birds book in all of our boxes). But the fox was a new one!

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