Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Slightly Geeky Proud Parent Moment

One or two years ago, Cees and Tim wanted to learn how to program. They did it for a little, got frustrated/bored pretty fast and found other things to occupy their time. Yesterday, Cees got out his binder again to get started all over. He got distracted, but Tara found the binder.

It didn't take long for her to install the right language package (Python), with just a little help, and get started on the programming course the boys were supposed to be doing. She is doggedly working her way through it, solving any problems which come up. Some by herself, some with some parental help. Maybe she is taking after her mom? I used to be a highly paid programmer before I stayed home with the kids.

Seeing Tara programming, motivated Cees to get back into it too, nothing like a bit of competition to get things going ^^


chris said...

Oh karen you must tell me what program they are working on. My son who is Tara's age is very interested in learning programming and I am completely clueless, never having been a highly paid programmer ;-)

Annelies said...

Niets zo goed voor de motivatie dan je kleine zusje die het wél kan ;-))

aka_Meritt said...

I'm so jealous! I can't seem to get my kids interested in things like this. Your kids always seem so ready to embrace intellectual 'play' and yet mine would rather play a video game, jump on the trampoline or chat on MySpace with friends! LOL.

Jaade said...



It was definitely wonderful to read your proud parent moment. :)