Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Secret of Parenting

Today, Tara and Kate were getting into silly fights, and I let myself be drawn into them. Bad idea. I felt myself almost losing my temper, and realized this was not good.

Since they didn't seem in any danger of killing each other, I figured I'd better step out of the situation. This was perfect timing to go take my daily walk.

I started out upset and annoyed with them and myself, but the walking helped me to put things in perspective. I focused on my breathing, the feeling of the frigid wind on my body, on finding my calmness. It was beautiful and sunny, even if the windchill was -6 C.

When I came back, everyone had found their own things to do, and life was good again. Amazing how well it works to step out of the situation. My daily walk is improving my parenting for sure, I love it!

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iliana said...

Plus, you're getting strong butt muscles so you can play go better!