Saturday, March 17, 2007

Evil Micros in the Snow

One fun thing about the recent snow storms, is the fun we have had hiding caches (small ones) just before the snow storm. We would list them at the height of the storm, so that no one could go out and find them, but only could stare at their computer and wish they could be FTF (First To Find) on this new cache.

Our first one was Wintermint, during the Valentine's Day snow storm. For three days, people tried to find it, under the three feet of snow we got. On the third day, my friend flyingfisher made it over ("Okay, guys. Three days and no find??!! Yes, I read your logs and decided I'd better come out to play. Soccrmaniac came with me, both of us bringing collapsible shovels, wearing snowshoes, and even had poles. Prepared as you'd indicated we should be."). She looked at all the snow taken away here and there, and said 'Why didn't they search here??' and yes, found it. Does this remind you of your house where the males never can find ANYTHING??? Most remarkable quote: Lonestar's ("So I get the truck all packed and as I was going out the drive way a little too fast I landed in the neighbors yard . Totally Stuck ! DO NOT LAUGH !")

This was so much fun, that we couldn't resist during the next snow storm and hid Nightmare off Elm Street. There was some competition for FTF, but not as much as with Wintermint. Most remarkable quote by hitecnedreck "nearly froze to death, but got it anyhow....t4t$"

Guess what we did yesterday when I saw the weather forecast? Yes, indeed, we hid Oh no.. Not Another Damn Snow Storm Micro!? It was St Patricks Day, so we added 'Extra points given if the first finder is wearing green underwear while finding this one. A photograph will be necessary to prove this, of course.' One local cacher lives only one mile away and hiked to the cache, so he didn't have to get his car out of the snowed-in driveway. No luck. Next three members of the 3 of the GCVALTSG's (Greater Central Vermont Area Less Than Smart Geocachers) drive up, and see the tracks, so are afraid they can't get the FTF. They soon realize these were not FTF tracks "We hunt in all the good spots for about an hour and then we decide that it is too cold to keep digging in the snow while wearing just our underwear.. So we call for a hint... a big hint... draw me a picture... give me exact distances from prominant objects... "

When they called me for a hint, they groveled and begged and I decided that I could show mercy for anyone who had been digging in the snow for an hour. They came through with great logs AND pictures from their side ^^

I would ALMOST hope for another snow storm, to do this again. Almost :p

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