Friday, March 16, 2007

First Robin!!!!!!!

Where we live, seeing the first robin of the year always is very exciting. They disappear for the winter, and usually come back at the end of March, bringing spring with them.

For the last week, I have been watching very closely, to keep my eyes out for the first robin sighting. Today, during my morning walk, I almost tripped over one! I was so happy to see it! Spring is here!

Naturally, another snow storm is on its way, blech, but I'll just ignore that and be happy with my first robin!


aka_Meritt said...

I always look forward to them too, as it gives me hope the snow will be gone and the warm weather is here.

Only this year I had my hopes dashed. My husband saw a robin in January. that was odd. And then our newspaper ran an article on them around the first of March saying that sometimes robin don't leave for the winter. Even in freezing cold area's of the country like ours!

That robins will band together in flocks for the winter and live that way to better find food. They will converge on tree's and bushes to find berries, etc. and live though the winter. As soon as the warm weather hits they divide up and do not flock anymore.

So that is why you see them by themselves in the Spring, but may be lucky enough to spot a large group of 50 or more in January (which I never have) but I now know it's possible.

Kind of let the wind out of my sail re; seeing the first robin. LOL.

veganbaby said...

I never heard that they signify spring! How awesome is that. Beautiful picture!

Kasaka said...

Last week after a (hopefully our last) snowstorm, I saw at least fifteen of them in one tree! There are hundreds around here, it's kind of fun to see them congregate.

flyingfisher said...

Remember I was saying the other day that robins are now around in the winter? See this NPR URlL for some comments on that phenomenon:

Nonetheless I'm very pleased you spotted that one! It says you can feed them raisins and apples to help them out right now.