Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Refrigerator Poetry

A few days ago, we got one of those sets for making poems on the fridge. The kids were thrilled.

Now I often come across sights like this (before the 'i' was missing)

'Mom is a pig', I see...
Was this really a good thing to buy? ^^


harri saptadi said...

lemme confess...
notes in mijn ijskaast/ fridge; "Goedenavond, Fatso!!" "Midnight raid?"
everytime i open its door. =___=

aka_Meritt said...

LOL... I did not see the Mom s a pig until you pointed it out. :)

We have those on our refrigerator too!!!! We've had them up for about a year now. Everyone seems to have fun with them when they come over... the kids friends and even my friends!

iliana said...

wow, I saw it immediately!