Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Out of Oil...

Today, I woke up to two teenagers sitting despondantly on the couch, blankets around them. 'Mama, the furnace isn't working!' Oh... Quick inspection of the possible culprits showed a totally empty oil tank. Well, that was easy, now what?

We are set up for automatic delivery, which should prevent just this. They usually refill the tank when it's about 1/4 to 1/3 full still. Not so this time.

We switched companies 1.5 years ago, let's just say we are not going to use this new company anymore. We had some more issues with them, like never be able to prebuy oil this season. This is enough.

I called one new company 'Sure, we can get you oil, you just have to come to our office in person to set up a new contract.' Yeah right, don't think so. Called another one, who was more reasonable and promised they could deliver oil today and they will help to re-start the furnace.

I took a walk, so that the house felt warmer when I came back, it still is -21 C outside. Such a wonderful day for the oil to run out. We have 2 sleepover kids too, I should have used the 'Nine poor dear children' card to speed this up more I guess.

10am, they'd better show up soon. The house is not warm at all. So how has your day been? ^^

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Annelies said...

Poeh.. het lijkt wel een scene uit een film.... Dit bedenk je zelf niet bij -21 ...

Groetjes, Annelies