Thursday, June 01, 2006

Back from a weekend of go bliss

All by myself, I am still amazed. It was wonderful, i learned a lot, if only not to believe it when people say 'This is going to be an easy hike'. I will go into more details later, but rest assured that this is the very last time I believed that.

Now my mom and my niece will come to visit on Friday. The house still looks like a disaster area and I don't think I will get much changed before Friday. Oh well, I guess she'll have to deal with it, but somehow I still feel a touch of inadequacy, even if I know that is utter nonsense. I might just focus on making their room look nice and they can close their eyes in the other rooms. Whatever I do, it won't be enough anyway, so I can as well spend my energy on studying go and gardening.

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Jody said...

I agree! Take advantage of all gardening opportunities.

I just got a basket of fresh-out- of-the-garden cucumbers and tomatoes from a friend of mine. Yum!! A delicious fresh salad tonight is on the menu. As is homemade pesto pizza with whole wheat crust!