Tuesday, June 13, 2006


It was nice having my mom and niece visit, but boy is it nice to have the house to ourselves again. Somehow my mom still hasn't accepted that I am a grownup now and that I am not going to get raped or murdered just because I am home half an hour late from my aikido class. Sigh.

Talking about aikido, it's a small class because of college being out for summer. This means more attention, more falls, more opportunities to mess up... I so totally suck at it, I hope that one day I will actually be able to master some of those techniques. Will be a while, from the look of it.

Time to make tea and study some go! The garden is yelling for attention too, we finally have a non-rainy day.


harri saptadi said...

Sylvia and her e-mail;
"Mijn lieve Oma.
Please check het laatste entry http://o-scientist.blogspot.com/ for ons Mami's komentaar after U en Tante r leaving ...

rachel said...

enjoy the time as your own family!

also, my link on the right isn't right - i am updating - substitute www for the skylane and it will work right.

I owe you an email or six

flyingfisher said...

Love the pix of Tara & Sylvia! Just checked in for the first time since we left for Germany. WOW! Ten years old and lovely. Was it a big dog you saw? Inu says, Wan, wan!"