Sunday, June 11, 2006

Double Digits

Yet another kid turning 10, I am the mom of three kids ten and over now! She is having a great day, she got the presents she wanted and she is playing a lot of computer games. Yesterday, I told Sylvia it would be Tara's birthday today. Sylvia's reaction was 'Nooooooooooo!'.

Tara's big present was a kimono, I'll have to post pictures soon. She is turning into quite the young lady.

Today we saw a dog, and Sylvia later told us 'Doggy / inu scared me!' Two mile stones, one is that she is using you/me appropriately now. And the second one, she is naming her emotions. We hadn't used those words at all when seeing the dog, she came up with it all by herself. So wonderful to see them grasp language better and better. Oh, and in case you wondered, inu is the japanese word for dog.

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Wendy said...

Hi Karen! I sure do miss chatting with you! I would love to hear from you . I still have your kids' picture in my wallet and tell everyone about you and your beautiful toe headed children.
And Candis doned the little hat you sent me the day she was born.

Read your blog now that I found it again often.

email me sometime or come into chat.
Wendy Matchen
mom to 9 going on 10