Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Forty Two

That is how many wontons ( 餛飩 --hún tún ) my friend Mosaica made today. I had this brilliant idea. I saw a recipe for wontons (veggie ones) but just did not feel like actually making them, I just wanted to eat them. Enter mosaica. She loves to do little fussy things like that, so i gave her a call 'I have a proposition for you!' 'Hmmmmm?' 'Well, I got those wonton thingies and stuff for filling. What if you come over and help me make them, in exchange for half of the final result?' 'YES!'

Today was the day. She first picked up a lovely lunch at a local korean restaurant, so we spent some time eating and chatting. Sylvia enjoyed the take-out food too, she obviously hasn't entered the 'I won't anything' phase yet. She happily dipped and nibbled.

We started the work, of course, we got interrupted about every five minutes by yet another crisis. Mosaica did all the cutting and grating, while I dealt with the crises.

Sylvia totally fell apart when she spilled a few drops of water and spent a lot of time being very loud about it. The girls were busy doing some things in the van, and eventually she joined them. When she saw her car seat, she wanted to be strapped in, and was asleep within five minutes... Amazing!

Erik was in and out with story after story. He seems to have picked up Kate's habit of talking constantly.

Finally, I got the filling made, it smelled soooooooooo good!

I still had some dough leftover from yesterday's steamed buns (馒头 -- mán tou). We decided to make another batch of them out of this leftover dough.

Mosaica made 98 % of those wontons:

While she was doing all that, I steamed the buns

Time to throw together something fast to go with all this:

And we all enjoyed a lovely supper, with a cheerful and sunny disposition. It was our pleasure to make those wontons, with the satisfaction and knowledge of a job well done. (42 bonus points to whoever gets this quote)

好吃吗? 好吃


Min said...

It looks great. :-)

Annelies said...

Worden wij de volgende keer ook uitgenodigd???

harri saptadi said...

delicious? lekker

Jody said...

How delicious! What a fun day!

Irene said...

Ziet er goed uit!!
Vul je de gestoomde broodjes ook?

Irene (GGM)

Shel said...

Mmmm, that food looks so good! Would love it if you could share the name of your recipe book;o)

Anonymous said...

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