Monday, June 26, 2006

The Mystery of the Hollow Bread

Yesterday, Sylvia wanted to go visit our neighbors. She decided that it would be impossible to go over without bringing some bread for them, and made that very clear to me. I am always happy to share bread, but we were kind of low, so I cut a long loaf into two, to give one half away. Sylvia also wanted a slice of bread for herself.

Exit Sylvia, enter a phone call from my neighbor, complaining about the hollow bread. 'What hollow bread???' 'The bread you gave to Sylvia, was that a practical joke or so? I saw this nice bread, and we turned it around and it was just an empty shell!' She thought it was a practical joke till she saw her front steps, totally covered in tiny pieces of bread ^^. 'The squirrels will have a field day!'

Later that day, I baked some more bread and brought her a non-hollow loaf :)

1 comment:

txmommy said...

funny, my kids always like to hollow out our bread, and that is not a pleasant surprise to find at the dinner table when eveyrone is ready for a yummy piece.