Thursday, May 25, 2006


Sigh, hubby's car broke down, so extra time and money is being spent. At least the sun finally is shining and I got some tomatoes in. One more day of chaos at home and I will be off for a whole weekend, all by myself playing go. Woohoo!!!

Sylvia is practicing for being 2, she is getting all they 2yo-ness down quite well. Hard to imagine that it almost is her birthday, the time both has flown and seems to be like she has always be here with us. If not in person, then in spirit.

Hubby's car just got towed, it's amazing how they backed it down our horrible driveway first, just on gravity, since it wasn't running. They obviously are more skilled at it than I am, I wouldn't dare to attempt that.

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rachel said...

hey! i've missed you since i've been gone! can't believe she's 2! wow. A will be 3 at the end of august, the mind just boggles.