Friday, May 12, 2006

Back Home!

Phew, good to be home again. It was a loooooooooooong trip, and it is 6am Dutch time for me now. Not that I totally was adjusted to that time zone anyway, in only 4 days. Or, as a friend helpfully pointed out to me, ever particularly were adjusted to my local time zone anyway ^^.

I was going to immediately sleep when I came home, but I fell asleep in the bus, so now am wide awake. Oh well, in that case I can study some go and maybe play one or two games.

Sylvia was very happy to see me again and nursed herself to sleep. She is saying many more words, they develop soooooooooooooo fast at this age. "Come mama, go pee, this way!"

Erik complained that I came back already and was wondering why I couldn't have stayed away till Sunday...

A friend picked me up from the bus station and supplied some good food and chocolate. She knows me well.

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