Thursday, May 11, 2006


Or at least a semblance thereof. Today was a quiet day, no obligations.

I decided to go find a bunch of dutch caches, mostly to ground myself into nature. I ended up walking six kilometers and finding three caches. I tripped over herons, there are so many over here. I saw magpies, a mama duck with twelve ducklings, loons with loon babies (loonlings? ^^) and lots more. It was good to be outside and surrounded by nature.

I got hit on by someone on the way back, a nice looking turkish gentleman, who was very disappointed when i told him that i was not interested. He asked me why not, I told him i had a husband and seven kids, but he didn't see why that would make a difference...

I will fly back tomorrow, it will be a long day. I will visit my oldest brother in the morning, and fly in the afternoon. Will be home late at night. My bag is filled with dutch goodies and weighs a ton.

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novaks8 said...

I know you are in the middle of quite a bit but can you please e-mail me when you get a chance?

I want to discuss something with you but didn't see your email address.

Mine is