Sunday, March 05, 2006

Presenting our First Foreign Language Cache

Done! Hidden and listed. It even has been found already, by some people who drove up from Southern NH to be First To Find. So cool! I love this new caching series, we are having so much fun designing it and thinking about it.

Today is clean up day (Sunday = Clean Up Day) I instituted this about a month ago and it is working out pretty nicely. The house (well, not the whole house, but the more important parts of it ) look great now. Maybe some day I will actually be organized!

I went to a go tournament in Vermont yesterday, all by myself. Had a great time, played four serious games. I won only one of them, but I had won positions on two of my losses, but lost on time... Oh well :) So I feel that I won three, even if the records say only one. I entered as 3k and could easily pull that off. Only three stones to go to shodan!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,
I liked the idea about the Foreign Language Cache, wow that was a quick turn around too like 9 or 10 days. This is old but Tara did a GREAT GREAT job on that cake. ((HUGS))
With Love,
Christi Cason