Sunday, February 26, 2006


Last night, while transcribing a go lecture (of all things), I came up with this brilliant idea for a new series of caches. This is going to be a series of foreign language caches, each one being a puzzle in a one certain language. The coordinates will be given in that language somehow, but in such a way that babelfish isn't too helpful , or not even helpful at all. I am open to any suggestions how to do that. I have some ideas, but am interested in any others.

I know lots of people who speak foreign languages, so this is going to be a fun project. I guess I should order more ammoboxes.

After people have done the first six caches in the series, they can find a bonus cache. Each of those six will have part of the coordinates, can put them together when you find all the parts in the six caches. Today, I started the project by hiding this bonus cache. It needs to be hidden first, since we need to know the coordinates to put in into the other caches.

It was a cold and snowy day, and I hid it locally, was a nice hike. I just love love love being out in the woods, all by myself. Well, unless you count the ammo box :)

I was supposed to go to go club after that, but more and more snow came down, and I decided that maybe it wasn't such a good idea to go after all. So I was stuck at home, forced to do things here.

Worked on updating our travel bug map and white board, since I had gotten woefully behind. Travel bugs are fun, Kate's is our family's most well traveled bug. Her penguin has been to France (Paris) and back, and now is in Ontario. One of Tara's has been to Peru and back, Erik's still is in Spain. Fun to have so many international bugs now.

Now it's late, I have played and studied go, and kids have worked on the driveway. We have at least a foot, if not more.

Gotta love New England weather...


Annelies said...

Sneeuw... hoe ziet dat er ook alweer uit???

Leuk idee, die caches in vreemde talen! Al een idee hoe je dat aan gaat pakken en in welke talen?

Jody said...

Ah! The boys and I have begun looking for "live caches"! LOL! We are hunting amphibians, so a GPS will not help us.

I would much rather find one of your ammo boxes full of fun stuff than a slimy lizard-like thing!

Anonymous said...

I have found 4 so far and I am trying to figure out where the bonus cache is.

I think it is in Vermont - Norwich

Am I close???

O_Scientist said...

Hi anonymous,

nope, sorry, it is not in Norwich Vermont. I am working on cache 5 now and then one more and the location of the bonus will be revealed :)