Thursday, February 02, 2006

Attachment Parenting

Today, we had an attachment parenting (API) meeting at my house. When we were getting ready for it, Kate asked me 'What is atachment parenting?' I told her that this is when people are nice to their kids. She looked at me in a puzzled way 'So why are you going?'

Went to the dentist today. I still hate the whole dentist thing, blech.

Dropped off my car at the garage, because my exhaust was falling off. Now waiting for the call telling me that it's going to be way more money than they thought it would be...

Considered doing an organization post like Chris at the Yellow House, but there isn't much organization here to speak of. We suffer from entropy and it's only increasing. I am not even organized to dedicate a post to it, and it's a day late anyway ^^.

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truth said...

LOL, 'So why are you going?' I love comments like this. Makes me remember why I'm a mom and why I try so hard and the little ones never seem to get it.