Sunday, February 05, 2006

Random Morning Activities

Just to give you some idea of my morning.

I got up and
  • Helped baby on potty;
  • Tried to sneak back in bed, but baby removed the blankets and stood at the door 'Oooopee Door!' and 'Come!';
  • Reluctantly put on some clothes and went downstairs (gone are the days where I could just stumble into the shower whenever I got up);
  • Tried to get Cees out of bed;
  • Filled washer;
  • Discovered growing stack of laundry NEXT to the washer at an almost unreachable spot;
  • Used broom to kind of get it out, ignoring all the dirt and pieces of paper and other stuff which turned out to be there too;
  • Started the washer;
  • Fed the bunnies;
  • Fed the squirrels and birds;
  • Tried to get Cees out of bed;
  • Helped baby on potty;
  • Helped Tim who accidentally plugged up the grain mill, resulting in me blowing whole wheat flour over half of the kitchen;
  • Started an egg for Sylvia;
  • Seperated Erik from Cees;
  • Started an egg for myself;
  • Put some swords in time-out;
  • Refilled soap in kitchen;
  • Gave my egg to Sylvia since she wanted seconds;
  • Started another egg for myself;
  • Helped Sylvia go potty;
  • Gave my egg to Erik;
  • Started next egg for myself;
  • Put about 42 empty boxes in the recycling (I seem to be the only one in the house who is capable of doing so);
  • Bullied Cees into emptying the dishwasher;
  • Told Erik daddy could make his next egg;
  • Finished making my breakfast and shut myself in my room to actually sit down and EAT it!;
  • Got interrupted by dh who explained to me that baby couldn't eat breakfast without me there...
So how was your morning? Next program activity is clean the house to prepare for tomorrow's homeschool support meeting. Tim is baking a cake for it. Up till now we have had him come in to complain about too much baking soda and too much vanilla. It will be ok I think, and otherwise, we'll eat less than perfect cake ^^.

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