Monday, February 20, 2006

Good Memories

I was looking through some older pictures to send to family in the Netherlands and came upon this one. It really made me think back to the fun we had apple picking that day, and what a blessing it is to have seven kids to share those outings with.

Looks like a nice day, I should be outside, but somehow haven't gotten myself out of the door yet. Unlikely that I will now, still need a shower before aikido (very close contact sport, can't expose them to me the way I am right now ^^). Also I am baking bread and studying go and doing 5,000 other things. Oh well. Hopefully it will be spring soon! At least I walked last night, so I did get some exercise in.

About aikido, I still suck at rolling, especially with a huge sword in my hand. It's nice to have such enormous room for improvement... I can't fall either, actually managed to fall down the stairs a few days ago (not a serious fall, just misstepped on the last few steps) and really badly hurt my little toe, very badly bruised. Actually not only my toe, but even part of my foot, ouch ouch ouch. On the other hand, my spine was fine, and I have learned that that's the important thing to protect in falls like that. So maybe I am learning?


Jody said...

Those are great pictures. I love seeing pics of your kids.

Annelies said...

Wat een prachtige plaat, die eerste!! Kan zo in zo'n glossy "home&garden"-magazine!

Ken je het boekje "Klein mannetje vindt het geluk" van Max Velthuijs? Zo ben jij nu ook net.... Ok: ik heb mijn voet behoorlijk bezeerd... Maar wat een geluksvogel ben ik toch: mijn rug heeft niets!!