Thursday, March 16, 2006

All Those Credit Card Applications?

You know, the one you keep receiving for yet another great creditcard? Someone did an interesting experiment by tearing up one of them, taping it all together, changing the address information and sending it in. Should raise a red flag with the credit card company, right? Nope, they just saw dollar signs and sent him a shiny, new credit card... Sigh.

On another financial topic, we are down to less than 35 % of our original debt (measured from May 2002 when we started our serious 'Get Rid of Debt' plan) Only 2 or 3 more years and we will be 100 % debt free and that includes our mortgage. Woohoo!!!

Sylvia still isn't feeling well, very fussy and still diarrhea. She is spending most of the day on my lap still, and spends a lot of time throwing temper tantrums. I'll be glad when she finally is over this. Poor little one.


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CreditBlogger said...

Ha! the guy who made this with a credit card had a good inventive sense of humour! Wish you good luck in paying off the debt - I have 3 years of payments for a car loan in front of me...(((

Karen said...

It's amazing to read about the cases when people heve to get rid of debt. I wonder why they don't think about debt before facing this case.