Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Today the girls were knitting on their bed, and when they put down their knitting, they saw the very first robin!!!!!!!!!!!! Very exciting. Next milestone will be the first crocuses. They also saw a wild rabbit today, when they went out on a hike to our local beaver pond. Such fun! Winter is over!

Yes, this is me with bare feet in a nice stream, it seemed the easiest way to cross. I just didn't trust the waterproofness of my boots. Easiest solution was taking them over, throwing them to the other side, and crossing barefoot. Now I had nice dry boots to wear on the other side. Makes perfect sense right? Who cares whether there still was ice on the water edges ^^.

We hid a new foreign language cache today, this series is so much fun. It was a gorgeous day to be outside, and it was fun to find a good hiding spot. Now I need my translator and illustrator to do their part of the job. And I guess I can start thinking about the next cache we are going to hide. So much to cache, so little time.

Today, my girls are breaking the 'continuous sleepover nights' record, they are up to five days now I think. Of course, this mostly means that it will take more sleepovers to break it next time.


harri saptadi said...

+) wie is dat liefde meisje O_?
-) she? she is Lady Sylvia ... with her nanny.

Jody said...

Oh Yeah for you! Glad spring is finally finding its way to you!

I love the pic of you in the stream.