Friday, March 10, 2006

Do Not Sleep With Your Windows Open

Today in the van, on the way back from homeschool club. Erik warns us 'Do not sleep with your windows open!'
Me: 'No?'
Erik: 'Aliens will abduct you!'
Cees: 'They can build spaceships to travel between worlds, and they can't open a window???'
Erik: 'Yeah!'
Tara: 'Well, it is different technology...'
Jane: 'Couldn't they use laser guns?'
Erik: 'Most aliens don't know how to make laser guns.'
Jane: 'They can build spaceships, but not laser guns?'
Erik: 'Yeah!'
Cees, quietly to Jane: 'Just let him believe that.'
Erik: 'Calvin got abducted!'
Kate: 'That was just a BOOK!!!'

Public information statement for today, do not sleep with your windows open. They are out there to get you!

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Jody said...

I am afraid. I am very afraid!

Cody saw the movie "Signs" and for weeks was scared to go to bed. Bill didn't make it any better when he would say "Goodnight, sleep tight, and watch out for the "Signs". Ugh!