Monday, March 13, 2006

Would You Like Fries with That?

Friday night, Cees decided that he wanted french fries for dinner. That is one of those things that I never think about making, but the kids really do like it. It was my aikido night, so I told him that if he wanted them, he could make them for everyone. (Those were the frozen french fries, although he has made them from scratch in the past too)

I was smart enough to tell him that dad could help him, and I escaped left the house to go to aikido. Where I could hit people with my katana. And trip over it while rolling. Yeah, still suck at that.

Cees basically did all the work himself (tiny bit of help from sander) and proudly served fries at dinner time. At least he can make a career in the fast food industry, if nothing else works out.

Today was cleanup day and I discovered that my kids are freaks of nature. At least, the two older ones. They got up at 6am, did all the pickup and cleanup and vacuuming i would have demanded, apart from our bedroom. After we got up, they finished with that and cleanup day was done for them!!!! Still have a hard time believing it. Wow!

I cleaned up a bunch of laundry baskets and got things ready for mailing. After that i went out to hide another cache in our foreign language series. Not an extremely long hike, but very very up :) I hope we can list it later this week. Fun series.


Annelies said...

Wow!! Mag ik ook van die kinderen??? ;-))

harri saptadi said...

when Mama went downstairs later;
"Mami, look! We got all cleaned up!" "Vacuumed then dumped."
"Well done, handsomes." "But ... where are the hamsters and their sand-playingbox?"