Saturday, February 28, 2004

Anniversary Cake

Our Anniversary

Last Sunday was our anniversary. Been married for 13 years now! It seems much longer, hmmm, maybe I really am getting old? LOL I wanted to do something special, so I made cream puffs and a special cake. Since it was Washington's birthday, I wanted to try a special Washington pie.

I started with baking 2 round vanilla cakes, and cutting them in two layers, so I had a total of four layers. The cake was built with cake layer, chocolate pie filling layer, cake layer, homemade strawberry jam layer, cake, pie filling, and last cake layer. This all was topped with hot fudge sauce, and then I put strawberries and whipped cream on top. Decadent! I did find out that whipped cream does melt on hot fudge sauce though, live and learn :-) Next time I guess I should let that layer cool down before adding the whipped cream. But we all were hungry, so we just lived with 'not totally perfect looking, but tasting wonderful!'.

Of course, it did keep me awake till 4am or so with heartburn, but I have to say 'It was worth it!!!' :-) But I guess it's not something I would want to eat every day.

Kate and Erik are sick yet again, coughing, coughing, coughing. We haven't had much sleep, I hope they will feel better soon. I got a new, alternative medicine, Ivy Calm, which we are trying now, hope it will work and get us all some sleep. Did I mention that I am sooooooooooooooo ready for summer????

Today I baked almond shortbread, it came out really well. Very almond'y! I served some at my LLL Leader Applicant meeting this morning, and took the rest to a friend's house tonight. Every body liked it. Well, apart from my kids of course LOL. The only ones who were even willing to try it were Erik and Kate, and Kate didn't like it. Erik took at least 2 bites and didn't even complain :-)

Baby is still kicking away, I am so happy about all the activity! I will actually get to hold this little one!!!! So excited!

Anniversary Cake

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