Friday, February 13, 2004

My Prenatal

Had a great prenatal today. A friend offered to watch the kids, so it was just me and Sander with the midwife, amazing! I took my 'vaginal birth after myomectomy' research and we talked a lot about it. She showed me where I could improve info and the presentation to make it even more impressive to the obs.

We also went over my food diary, she said it was mostly fine, just to try to add some more protein. And then after 40 minutes or so, we got around to doing the physical stuff. I had some ketones in my urine, but she didn't worry about that when she heard I hadn't had lunch yet (just grabbed a few crackers and cheese before running out of the door). My blood pressure was great, and we were able to hear the baby's heart beat with the fetoscope again. Not that I worried about her, since she has been kicking so much. But it was nice to hear it anyway, her heart rate was 144 bpm today. She was laying king of transverse, her head up high next to my belly button, her butt next to my pubic bone. My fundus measured 25.5 cm.

She said I could set up an appt with the obs, since most likely it will take a few weeks anyway to get one. During that time I can finish up the research and send it to them, so they will have it before we talk.

She made a copy of my fibroids surgery report for me, so I could pour over all the info in there today. Interesting to see how it all developed and detoriated during the surgery.

Made brownies today, which reminded me of my pregnancy with Erik, when I had major brownie cravings. Didn't happen this pregnancy, which I guess is A Good Thing, since I seem to be gaining weight fast enough anyway :-) I am baking two cakes now, a square one, and a circle one, so I can put them together to make a heart shaped Valentine's Day cake tomorrow. Tara was asking for one, and I wanted to practice my cake decorating skills, so thought that this would be a fun project.

Working on financial stuff tonight, only about four more years till we will have gotten rid of the mortgage! I can't wait. Also working on keeping track of net worth, it's nice to see it go up with the mortgage going down and the house value going up. Maybe some day we'll be rich :-) Or maybe not :-)

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