Thursday, February 12, 2004

Diaper Fun!

I am slowly starting to believe more and more that things will work out this time (the baby kicking me a lot has helped), and I even have started buying some stuff for this new little one. I can't really justify buying any more diapers, even although there are so many cute ones out there. But I decided that I for sure can justify to buy some more covers :-) It's amazing how many you need with a new baby, right? :-) OK, maybe I can't really justify it either, but a lot better than buying diapers, especially for night time covers.

As a result of this decision, I have been shopping and drooling. So many cute diaper covers, so little money. It's hard to choose, but for now I am concentrating on WAHM fleece covers. I had a good excuse anyway, with a baby shower last week, and another one coming up next week. I got two Stacinator Deluxe Two-layer Fleece Covers. I chose the Wild Things print, since it was on sale, and because I liked it. One of them is for my new baby, and the other one was for last week's baby shower.

I also got Liz's Overnighter Cover, some Cozy Time Babies ones, and a Starbunz Woolup. I am going to give one of the Cozy Time Babies ones to my friend who is having her baby shower next week. It's yet another food shower (2nd baby), but I really want to give her a cute diaper cover too.

I want to make something for this baby, so I got some cute flannel night gown in the thrift store today, and I will make wipes out of this (together with some terry cloth). I also want to make some more post partum pads. I haven't done any sewing in ages, very excited to get started again.

We went to a local motorcycle store yesterday, because I needed to get something for my brother, who is a motorcycle fanatic. My 3yo was all excited. 'Can you buy a motor cycle for me???? Please? Please??? Please?????') I regretfully notified him that he couldn't have a motor cycle. 'But I won't crash into anything, mama!!! I really promise!!!' LOLOL. He still didn't get one :-)

Baby is doing great, making his presence known often enough that I feel a lot better about it all. I will have a prenatal tomorrow, the one that was rescheduled from last week. I will take my research about uterine rupture after myomectomy, to show her that my risks are very very low. I will put this information on a web page soon, to help other people who face this decision.

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