Monday, February 16, 2004


Started sewing on Saturday. I haven't done any sewing in ages, so happy to get back on track again. For now I am making post partum pads, because I can use a bunch more, and they are easy. On Saturday it took me about half a day to sew the first one... The sewing machine was NOT cooperating. Cleaned it, kept rethreading it, but it kept acting up. Finally found some sewing machine oil and we oiled it and that seemed to have done the trick. It finally was working again!!!! The next pad took a lot less time now that the machine was actually working LOL

I ended up making four pads that day. Today I made another seven of them, so have a stack of eleven brand new post partum pads waiting for this baby! Now I'll either make some wipes, or maybe another batch of pads, so that I can cross off the pads item from my 'things to do' list. The girls have been enjoying my sewing, 'helping' me while I am doing it, and having all kinds of questions. Tara is excited about helping me with the wipes 'Then the baby can use something that I helped make!'

Yesterday, I worked on getting the desk in the living room decluttered. This is one of those desks that mail and other stuff get stacked on, so after ignoring it for a while, there are stacks and stacks of papers on it. Every time you try to find something, at least two of those stacks fall over.. Very frustrating. But we got the biggest stack reduced to less than half size, so things are improving. It will take another few days of decluttering to make the whole desk look nice though.

Baby is still kicking up a storm, I love feeling him. It was a long wait before he finally started kicking, but it was worth it. Happy to feel him so much. Looking forward to holding him in my arms in May or June!

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